Residential And Commercial


We offer the best protection for your home and the benefits are that:

  • These window films will save you money, as they lower your energy bills by rejecting up to 80% of total solar energy. Your home will be more comfortable and less expensive to cool.
  • The interior of your home—your carpets, rugs, furniture, and paintings—will stay looking new for longer because our window films reject 99 percent of the harmful ultraviolet rays that cause premature fading and discoloration. It will also reject up to 97 percent IR(infrared rejection) which is where most of the heat travels through.

    A window film like this may make you think that you will lose some of the view you cherish. Don't worry! Our latest technology in nano-ceramic window films maintains your gorgeous views, while eliminating the annoying glare. It is a definite “win-win” situation.

  • Your home will be even more protected with our security feature. After the film has been applied and dried, the glass will become almost impossible to shatter. This will deter thieves who were looking for an easy steal, protect children who were standing close by when the “accidental” breaking of your window occurs, and increase the sturdiness of a window that is being bombarded by strong winds, hurricanes, and hurricane debris.

    More information about Security films: windows are your weak spot. Windows destroyed by hurricane-force winds or flying debris put your home and family in danger. Our safety films hold windows together. Even if they shatter, they will stay in place to protect your family from flying glass pieces and prevent wind-driven rain from damaging your home’s interior.


We also recommend our window films for commercial buildings. Your employees will thank you for the increased comfort, and your superiors will congratulate you for your economic decision that will save a lot of money in air conditioning fees. Rooms that had great views, but always had the blinds down so computer screens were visible, can now show off their views. The window film reduces the glare of sun on computer screens.

These days, the need to conserve energy, reduce your company’s carbon footprint and conform to stricter environmental standards has never been greater. At the same time, the cost of energy continues to rise, affecting your company. With proven heat-rejection properties, our films help your business consume less energy by keeping interior temperatures more controllable and stable- lowering the need for air conditioning, reducing extreme peaks in usage and allowing your cooling system to operate more efficiently and inexpensively.

Nothing adds more ambiance and energy to a work space than natural light. But, it’s also possible to have too much of a good thing. With natural sunlight comes unwanted heat and hotspots, which can affect everyone’s comfort. Our films will reject up to 80 percent of solar energy which will provide your employees and customers with a more temperature stable and comfortable environment. By reducing an annoying glare, our films improve visibility of computer screens and monitors to minimize eye strain.

So, make a good decision today, and choose to have our window films placed on all the windows at your office. It will cut down 20-30% of your electric bill.