Auto And Marine

Block The Heat, NOT Your View! The Next Generation Of Window Film.

With ourwindow films on your automobile or boat, you will receive the style, comfort, and solar protection that will keep you cooler, safer, and looking great.

  • Ride Cooler

    Our window films are proven to decrease the UV(ultraviolet) rays coming through your windows by 99 percent and IR (infrared) rejection up to 97 percent. Most of the heat travels through the IR bands. This means that you will be cooler and will need less air conditioning. It also ensures you will be less annoyed by glare and intense bright spots.

  • Protect The Interior

    Have you ever wished you could find a sunscreen that worked on your leather or vinyl interior? With our films, they will eliminate 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays that cause your interior to fade or discolor prematurely.

  • Provide Protection From The Sun

    It is not only your interior that needs protecting, but your skin as well. Our films protect you and your loved ones from UVA and UVB rays. Decrease your risk of skin cancer by installing window films in your car or boat.

  • Enhance Appearance

    Our window films are available in a variety of colors and tints that will coordinate with and improve the look of any car or boat. These window films are built-to-last with a limited lifetime warranty.

    Safety Films can prevent smash and grab which is very common now a days for a thief to break into a car. Our films will give safety to the glass. We use Computer Cut, which is a system that via the Internet, we locate the vehicle to work on and it will cut the tint to perfection, so we don't have to put a knife on the car.